A Comprehensive Crowdfunding Course From The World’s First Crowdfunding Marketing Agency

Over the last 7 years, we’ve managed over 300 successful crowdfunding campaigns, raising more than $100 million on Kickstarter and Indiegogo. Now, our team has taken our collective knowledge to create a comprehensive course that teaches you how to create and manage a successful crowdfunding campaign. Are you launching a crowdfunding project on Kickstarter or Indiegogo? Does your budget not allow you to engage a professional marketing agency? If so, this course is for you!

Your Guide to Crowdfunding Success

We designed this crowdfunding course to be your complete roadmap to a successful crowdfunding campaign. More than 65 videos provide almost 4 hours of intensive training with real-life examples presented by crowdfunding veterans. Along with these videos, we’ve included nearly 20 supplemental worksheets, checklists and questionnaires to help guide your project to crowdfunding success. The course is set up to walk you through each step of your campaign, in chronological order, so you’ll know exactly what to expect.


Before Your Start Crowdfunding Campaign

You’ll learn what to do before you begin, including how to decide if your project is a good fit for crowdfunding, and how to assemble your team.

Launch Day and Sustaining Your Campaign

We go over what to expect on the day you launch your campaign. Then, we talk about how to sustain your campaign and keep up your launch day momentum.


Several things must be taken care of before you can begin the pre-launch phase of your project. Learn how to choose a platform and get your idea ready for a campaign.

Platform Marketing

In this section we go over how to use your platform’s unique features to raise money and make your crowdfunding campaign a success.


Get ready to launch your project on a crowdfunding platform by taking photos, creating a great video, gathering leads, marketing your project before launch and more.

After the Campaign

Just because your campaign is over, doesn’t mean your work is done. We go over what to do after your campaign – even if it doesn’t succeed.

Get Ready to Tackle Your Crowdfunding Campaign

Our mission has always been to help others start something big. Enventys Partners, formerly Command Partners, was one of the world’s first digital marketing agencies dedicated to crowdfunding. Our recent merger with Enventys, a product development company, further increased our expertise to include prototyping, product development, sourcing, ecommerce and product licensing. Now, we’re poised to help others bring their idea to reality through crowdfunding, whether through managing a full-service campaign or simply teaching others through this course.

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Did we mention this course is brand new? To help get it off the ground, we’re offering $249 off the $999 price to the first 25 sign-ups who use the coupon code ‘earlybird’. Shhhhh. Don’t share please. This is your reward for reading the fine print!

100% Rebate Offer

This class took months of effort from dozens of people to put together. Crowdfunding an idea into a successful project isn’t easy, and neither is this course. That’s why we offer a rebate of up to 100% of your purchase price to anyone who hires Enventys Partners to do their crowdfunding or product development services. Get in touch to learn more.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long will the course take to complete?

This is an extensive course with more than 65 videos, and you should go through it at your own pace. We also recommend going through the entire course at least a month before you plan your product launch – two or more months in advance is even better! Then, use the checklists and worksheets and review the accompanying videos a second time when your project is ready to go live.

What is your refund policy?

Because this is a digital good that can be easily duplicated after purchase, we do not offer refunds. We do, however, offer a rebate for the full purchase price good towards marketing or product development services from Enventys Partners.

Any advanced skills required?

Nope! We’ve designed this course to be helpful for everyone, regardless of your skills and background. You’ll need to be able to watch videos and download checklists and worksheets – we teach you everything else you need to know!

Do you offer additional crowdfunding help after I purchase this course?

Yes! We’re the world’s only agency to handle both crowdfunding, product development and marketing. If you choose to partner with us further upon completion of the course, we’ll apply your full purchase price as a credit toward any of our product development or crowdfunding services.